9mm Ammunition History, Features

Without a doubt, 9mm ammo is one of the most popular pistol ammunition in the world. Known as the 9mm Parabellum or 9X19mm cartridge or 9mm Luger, this ammunition is low cost and standard caliber worldwide. According to the 2014 edition of I. Cartridges of the World of 9mm Luger rounds, the 9×19mm Parabellum is the world’s most popular and widely used military pistol cartridge.

9mm Ammunition History

In 1902, DWM firearms designer Georg Luger developed the 9mm Parabellum as a service cartridge, and the Pistole Parabellum, aka Luger, was designed for the DWM Luger semi-automatic pistol. He designed it to be lethal at 50 yards. Georg Luger developed the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge from the earlier 7.65×21mm Parabellum bullet. Luger submitted the ammunition to the British Small Arms Committee in 1902 and to the US Army in 1903, with three prototypes for testing. In 1904 the German Navy officially adopted the cartridge, followed by the German Army in 1906. Over time, its use has grown to encompass not only the armed forces, but also police departments and civil defense.

Use of 9mm Ammunition

9mm rounds are commonly used pistol ammo for self-defense and target shooting. This applies to both home defense and target shooting. The 9mm round is much larger and much stronger. It is also 9mm still and easy to shoot and accurate round. The 9mm is louder, has more recoil and is harder to shoot. More experienced shooters or shooters focused on self-defense may be better served with the 9mm. The 9mm has the advantage of being present in all tactical competitions. These competitions include defensive shooting tactics, quick draw, and speed to hit a small bull’s-eye.